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Alchemical Breath: Illuminate to Radiate
A 7 week journey to deepen your connection to Self

This 7 week journey is a combination of one-to-one breathwork and therapeutic guiding sessions to illuminate unconscious material that may be blocking your expansion, so that you may alchemise these blocks and radiate the light of your being.

Thinking, speaking, and logically processing the material of our psyche is only half of the picture. Similarly, doing the embodied/experiential work without the insight of what we are processing leaves the process incomplete. This course bridges the cerebral with the energetic & embodied. By bringing together both the depth and integrity of the therapeutic inquiry, and the embodied, somatic and energetic qualities of a conscious connected breath, this course is an opportunity to fine tune your intention, and focus your healing.

The course:

Week 1: Intention setting & Parts mapping 

Week 2: Rebirthing breathwork

Week 3: Integration & Illumination

Week 4: Rebirthing breathwork

Week 5: Finding the centre

Week 6: Holotropic breathwork 

Week 7: Reconciliation & Radiation

Each week includes a one-to-one session and workbook materials to continue your inquiry

All breathwork sessions are in person, and all therapy sessions are held on zoom. 

Breathwork & Compassionate Self Inquiry to Navigate Anxious States.jpg

Navigate Anxious States with Ease and Grace 

This is a free online course, empowering you with therapeutic tools, breathwork practises and self-inquiry techniques to move more fluidly through states of anxiety. 

Its on its way to you!

Becoming You 

This eleven-week container is an opportunity for you to delve deep into your psyche and spirit- to facilitate deep healing and bring you in to more alignment, in touch with your deepest truth and essence.

The course is divided into two parts, the first focusing of healing, where we tend to wounds, trauma, blocks, limiting beliefs and complexes, allowing you to move into a state of integration and wholeness. From this place of wholeness, we will move into the second part of the course where you will be supported and guided to grow, expand, flourish and thrive, to live a life of passion, grace and radiance.

Each week will be infused with guided sessions, workbook pages, morning practise & ritual guidelines. Your journey includes one-to-one guiding sessions and an opportunity for one-to-one breathwork.

My work is grounded in deep compassion, and considers personal, transpersonal, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects of you, to support the healing and expansion of your entire being. I draw upon tools and wisdom from Jungian Psychology and Psychotherapy, Kundalini and Kriya Yoga,  Ritual, Ceremony and Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Embodiment Practises, Spiritual Counselling, Internal Family Systems, Breathwork and The Gene Keys. 

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