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A warm welcome to you...

My vision and prayer is to support the uplifting of life and consciousness on Earth through helping individuals awaken to their own ability to heal and potential to grow.


I seek to offer therapy that integrates all of my skills and training, that is grounded in compassion, with a focus on embodiment and considers archetypal, spiritual and transpersonal dimensions of being.  My understanding is that just talking about things doesn't ignite change. There is a strong focus of embodiment, the imagination and breath in my sessions. I see these as a gateway to access the inner world and supplement the psychotherapeutic process to enable a deep, experiential processing, understanding and transformation. 


Having worked in mental healthcare in both the NHS and private practise I see the need for a radical shift in the way society views and treats mental distress. I am fascinated by altered states of consciousness; how these are perceived and received by society, and how they can be harnessed for healing and expansion of consciousness of both the individual, and the collective, namely the patriarchal paradigm in which we find ourselves. When accessed safely and held within the container of therapy, I see the breath, meditative embodiment practises and psychedelic medicines as an opportunity to access these states, and connect us to own healing intelligence. 

I have a warm and open nature and hold clients in a safe and compassionate container so that they may deeply explore their journey to healing. My fascination with, and trust in altered-states of consciousness, and how these can be harnessed for healing, underpins all of the work I do. 


I have been personally practising yoga, pranayama and meditation for 11 years, after an awakening experience at the age of 19, that initiated my journey of self inquiry to explore and excavate the unprocessed trauma held in my physical and energetic body. I experienced instantaneous healing of chronic pain I had held since childhood, after an expanded state I accessed through kundalini breathwork, with the support of my psychotherapist who helped me to integrate. From this I have cultivated a deep and unshakeable trust in the field of altered-states of consciousness and what these can offer us, both as individuals and a collective. 


I infuse ceremony, ritual and prayer into all aspects of my work, and endeavour to create both safe and sacred containers to journey. I strongly feel how precious these times on earth are, that within every crisis be that global or personal, is the fertile ground for opportunity. I believe we must endeavour to walk the earth gently, to support each other on this journey of transformation and healing: we need everyone.

I am currently working as a therapist and psychedelic guide on the Psilocybin clinical trials at Imperial College London. I am living and working in between Brighton, UK and Spain. 

You can find links to conferences I have spoken in and my services on the below websites:

Please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.


Qualifications and Experience:

I am registered with HCPC, and am a professional member of the Yoga Alliance, The Psychedelic Support Network and The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. 


Education & Training:

- Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) In Person Training

Foundation in Shamanism, Second Sight Healing

- Psychedelic Guide Training, Imperial College London

-Multi-Disciplinary Breathwork Facilitator Training, Samma Karuna School

- Transpersonal Psychology Diploma, Centre of Excellence

- Psycare UK: Psychedelic First Aid Training

-MA Art Psychotherapy (Jungian), University of Roehampton

-Altered States: The Breath, The Yoga Alliance

-Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists, Psychedelics Today

-BA 1st class Hons. University of Leeds

I have rigorously studied IFS (internal family systems), the transpersonal work of Stanislav Grof, the archetypes and how to work with them in therapy, kundalini energy and the chakras and ancient wisdom teachings from various spiritual traditions. 


 I am open to work with all people from all walks of life. I have specific interest and experience with people who are with the following:

- Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

- Altered-states of consciousness

- Spiritual Awakening/ Kundalini Awakening

- Have received a diagnoses of Psychosis or Schizophrenia

- Experiencing Spiritual Emergence or Emergency

- Feeling stuck

- Chronic Pain

- Moving through big change 

- People who have experienced trauma or have recieved a diagnoses of PTSD or CPTSD

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