HCPC registered and YA certified 

My vision to awaken individuals to their own ability to heal has seen me train as a psychotherapist, breathwork facilitator and psychedelic integration therapist. I have been personally practising yoga, pranayama and meditation for 10 years which while leading me deeper on my personal healing journey, has dramatically informed the way I work with clients. I seek to offer therapy that integrates all of my skills and training, that is grounded in compassion, with a focus on embodiment and considers archetypal, spiritual and transpersonal dimensions of the psyche.


Having worked in mental health in the UK for a number of years in both the NHS and private practise I see the need for a radical shift in the way society views and treats mental distress. I am fascinated by altered states of consciousness; how these are perceived and received by society, and how they can be harnessed for healing and expansion of consciousness of both the individual, and the collective, namely the patriarchal paradigm in which we find ourselves. When accessed safely and held within the container of therapy, I see the breath, meditative embodiment practises and psychedelic medicines as an opportunity to access these states, and connect us to own healing intelligence. 

I am currently working as a therapist and guide on the psilocybin clinical trials at Imperial University. I am living and working in Brighton and London, UK. You can find links to conferences I have spoken in and my services on the below websites:







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My Approach 

As an integrative psychotherapist I combine various skills and frameworks from my background in psychotherapy, breath and embodiment to help you on your healing journey. My understanding is that just talking about things doesn't ignite change. There is a strong focus of embodiment and breath in my sessions, I see these as a gateway to access the inner world and supplement the psychotherapeutic process to enable a deep, experiential processing and release. 


Qualifications and Experience:


-Multi-Disciplinary Breathwork Faclitator Training, Samma Karuna School

-MA Art Psychotherapy, University of Roehampton

-Altered States: The Breath, The Yoga Alliance

-Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists, Psychedelics Today


- Trauma 

- Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

- Feeling stuck

- Anxiety 

- Depression

- Altered-states of consciousness

- Psychosis 

- Spiritual Emergency

- Personality Disorders 

- Schizophrenia

- PTSD & Complex PTSD

- Mood disorders