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Psychedelic Integration

" A mind that is stretched by a new experience, can never go back to its old dimensions"

-Oliver Wendell Holmes 


With the global (re)awakening to the healing potential of psychedelic medicines, many individuals are embarking on psychedelic journeys. These journeys can be both exquisitely beautiful and utterly terrifying. Whatever the experience, integration is an essential part of the process to process the insights so that they may be fuel for growth and self-development. In understanding the innate compassion and intelligence of the medicines, anything that emerges during a trip does so to be healed. Thus, a "bad" trip, becomes a "challenging" experience that we can grow from, when we integrate it properly.

Due to current illegality of many substances making discussions around psychedelics somewhat taboo, many people are leaving trips without sufficient support to make sense of their journey. Simply turning a blind eye to the fact that people are engaging with these medicines creates problems; integration is an important part of harm reduction. 


I offer a safe space where individuals can openly reflect on their experiences. In sessions we will consider all aspects of Self and your life: mental, emotional, relational, professional, spiritual and how the journey has impacted each of these. Given the nature of psychedelic medicines and their ability to dramatically alter our perception and expand our consciousness, we will consider new frameworks and paradigms by which you can make sense of your journey. 


Sessions are either 50 or 80 minutes. 

£80 / £120

If you are a new client, when booking please make sure you book an 80 minute Session as we will go through a consultation process. 
















I do not currently facilitate the use of psychedelic medicines outside of the clinical setting.

My services are specifically to help individuals who are in need of support before or after an experience.


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