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Integrative Psychotherapy

"...for every sickness is an attempt at healing"

-R.D. Laing


In psychotherapy we work to delve into the unconscious, to cast light on the darker aspects of being that might be causing us distress. When we are disconnected from our unconscious content, it can overflow into consciousness manifesting as anxiety, addiction, negative thought patterns, dreams or in any other forms. By bringing unconscious content to the surface, it emerges for healing, as we can lovingly transmute material with the light of our awareness. 


As an integrative psychotherapist I combine various skills and frameworks from my background in psychotherapy, breath, embodiment, and study of IFS (Internal Family Systems), transpersonal psychology, shamanic practise & archetypal ways of working to help you on your healing journey. My understanding is that just talking about things doesn't ignite change. There is a strong focus of embodiment and breath in my sessions, I see these as a gateway to access the inner world and supplement the psychotherapeutic process to enable a deep, experiential processing and release. 

Sessions last 50 or 80 minutes.

Sessions are offered online via zoom, or in person in London/Brighton. 

£80/ 50 minute session

£120 / 80 minute session

£200/ 2 hour eco-therapy session

I offer a small number means assessed low cost spaces.


Please get in touch to enquire about availability.


If you are an existing client, please click below to book a session: 


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