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Phoebe Sullivan 


Welcome, and thank you for being here...

I hope my website will give you an insight into me, my work and offer you a sense of how we might work together.  

I am registered with HCPC as a therapist, and am a professional member of the Yoga Alliance, The Psychedelic Support Network and The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy.  


I believe what takes place in a therapeutic container is alchemical. As each individual is utterly unique, and so in turn, is the journey I co-create with my clients. My vision for my role as your guide, facilitator and therapist, is to support the unique unfolding of your healing, and so, I draw upon a variety of different tools and techniques. My approach draws from two pools of resource- firstly from my rigorous & rich formal trainings, and secondly from the less tangible, formless, more intuitive aspects of being that arise within the therapeutic space. 

My hope and prayer as a space holder is to guide and support you to tap back into your centre, to reconnect your deepest wisdom & intelligence that knows exactly what you need, both for your healing, and your growth. I think of healing being not just the removal of negative symptoms, but encompassing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual reconnection to oursevles, to each other and to the earth. It is your birthright to thrive in this life.

I offer a combination of breathwork, somatic work, psychedelic work, integrative psychotherapy. I am based between the UK  and Spain and work mostly online with clients over Zoom. Please read below for words of thanks from previous clients, click below to learn a little more about me, or get in touch via email.

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Words of Gratitude


"Phoebe is very special. I have worked with her in both psychotherapy and breathwork. She has an ability to hold the complexities of human experience, the light and the dark aspects, without judgement. I feel totally safe to let all parts of me show up when working with Phoebe. She has both knowledge of the spiritual world and ancient wisdoms, combined with a sharp intelligence and professionalism that keeps her grounded in the real world and creates a feeling of safety. Underlying this, she is a very kind and compassionate person, a natural healer, and just being in her presence is healing and an honour. I can also see she's committed to her own journey of growth and personal development, she walks the walk, which is so important I think. Thank you Phoebe for all you've done to help me and for witnessing my transformative journey!"-Jo, Brighton, 2022


"I found Phoebe to be warm, and created a lovely space, which made the journey all the easier. I will be returning to her, as from one session with her I achieved more than months of expensive counselling therapy ever achieved. Thank you Phoebe." -Nick, Brighton, 2023


"I have never experienced a space as well held as I did during my time at Phoebe’s breath workshop. I feel she has completely reset the standard for practitioners and I was blown away by the sense of deep and intimate safety she was able to create in such a short period of time. The breath work itself was an ineffable experience. Phoebe provided just the right amount of instruction and guidance, enough for you to know what to do but not so much that you were left feeling stuck in the details. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you want to open yourself up and do so in a secure and above all loving environment, I can’t recommend working with Phoebe enough. Breathe people! It will change your life!"-Ella, Brighton, 2022


"Phoebe has been a welcome, transformative breath of fresh air. Her approach using Integrated Psychotherapy has been gentle and kind. She has always made creating trust a priority in her sessions. I would unreservedly recommend her as someone who will listen to and value you wherever you may be on your journey. Thank you so much Phoebe for all your care and help."- Jenny, Brighton, 2021 

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