Holotropic Breathwork Ceremony

  • 4 hours
  • 266 British pounds
  • St. Augustine's Church

What to expect

Holotropic sessions are 4 hours long, with two to three hours of breath and an hour of psychotherapy and integration. I recommend these sessions for those who are familiar with breathwork and feel they need to break and breathe through something specific. Held in ceremony, you will be guided to explore a conscious connected breath. This breath works on a physical, emotional, psychic and energetic level to release trauma and facilitate deep healing and expansion of consciousness. The breath is a tool of insight and allowing, that connects us to the inner healing intelligence that resides at the centre of our being- the body wants to be well, our spirit wants to be free. You will be tenderly held and supported to journey deep within yourself. Physiologically this breath can activate altered states of consciousness where we are given the opportunity to heal old wounds, awaken to our true purpose and move through restrictive life patterns.

Contact Details

  • St. Augustine's Arts & Events Centre, Stanford Avenue, Brighton, UK