Integrative Psychotherapy

"...for every sickness is an attempt at healing"

-R.D. Laing


In psychotherapy we work to delve into the unconscious, to cast light on the darker aspects of being that might be causing us distress. When we are disconnected from our unconscious content, it can overflow into consciousness manifesting as anxiety, addiction, negative thought patterns, dreams or other forms of neuroses. By bringing unconscious content to the surface, they emerge for healing, as we can lovingly transmute them with the light of our awareness. 

In my sessions I endeavour to create a safe and compassionate container for you to embark on your healing journey. I work integratively, incorporating child development theories, art psychotherapy, breathwork, trauma informed psychotherapy, IFS, dream interpretation and archetypal/transpersonal psychology. There is a strong focus of embodiment in my sessions, I see the body as a gateway to access the inner world.

Sessions last 50 minutes and are offered on an open-ended basis. Your session will be weekly, at the same time and place, although I can offer additional sessions if you feel you need the support.


 I offer sessions both in person, at a beautiful space in Brighton, or on zoom. The format of therapy I offer is extremely effective over digital platforms.