Through the breath we can cleanse the organs, balance the endocrine system, calm the nervous system, expand our awareness, elevate the energetic body, release trauma from the physical body, break through restrictive thought patterns and enter into altered-states of consciousness where we can dramatically shift our experiences of ourselves and the world around us.


Our breath is the primal medicine.


One-to-One Sessions

Breath sessions work on a physical, emotional, psychic and energetic level to release trauma, facilitate deep healing and expansion of consciousness. You will be tenderly held and supported to journey deep within yourself, guided by a conscious connected breath. This breath can activate altered states of consciousness where we are given the opportunity to connect to our inner healing intelligence, awaken to our true purpose and move through restrictive life patterns. Each session will be followed with an hour of therapy to integrate your experience. 

These sessions vary in length, depending on your needs. We will discuss this your consultation. Sessions and are in person and held in a beautiful space in Brighton, immersed in nature.  

Rebirthing session: 2 hours- £110

Holotropic session: 4 hours- £220 


Weekly Breath practise

Wednesdays 5pm 

About Balance Brighton

On Zoom & in Studio

I teach a weekly Breathwork class, run workshops and also offer private classes. Please subscribe to my mailing list below to keep udpated on my offerings. 


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