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Through the breath we can cleanse the organs, balance the endocrine system, calm the nervous system, expand our awareness, elevate the energetic body, release trauma from the physical body, break through restrictive thought patterns and enter into altered-states of consciousness where we can dramatically shift our experiences of ourselves and the world around us.


Our breath is the primal medicine.

Breath as medicine...

What is conscious connected breathwork?

Breath sessions work on a physical, emotional, psychic and energetic level to release trauma, facilitate deep healing and expansion of consciousness. You will be tenderly held and supported to journey deep within yourself, guided by a conscious connected breath. This breath can activate altered states of consciousness where we are given the opportunity to connect to our inner healing intelligence, awaken to our true purpose and move through restrictive life patterns. Please scroll down to watch an informative video about breathwork. 

What happens in a session?


Each session will begin with a therapeutic check in, where we will open the space for reflectivity, sharing and intention setting.We will then assess your breathing pattern and I will discuss in depth the practise, and philosophies of breathwork. Setting and opening the space, I will guide a relaxation medtiation, before you begin your breath journey. After the breathe, we always have space and time to integrate and share I serve ceremonial cacao to help bring you back to your day.

How many sessions should I have?

When we first meet with the breath, it is like meeting a new friend. Each time we meet, we get to know each other a little deeper. I see the breath as alive and intelligent also, and so, each time we work with it, it works more deeply with you, as you, familiarise yourself with it also. It is a beautiful co-creation and a symbiotic relationship. Each time we breathe, we peel back more layers- every journey is different. With that said, I recommend a series of sessions.

Group Sessions

I offer group breathwork sessions for private, corporate and community events. 

2 hour session - £330

Half day session- £550

Full day session - £1100

One-to-One Sessions

I am currently based between the UK and Spain. I offer bespoke breathwork and therapy sessions in the moutains in Spain. Please click below for more information. 

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